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MEMWAY Membership

Information for Wrestlers and Coaches

Hey there, wrestlers and coaches! Are you looking to acquire a MEMWAY membership for the 23-24 season? Locate your club in the table below, select the membership link associated with your club. This will allow you to answer a few questions in order to purchase the correct membership for you.

If you do not see your club listed, this means your club has not yet registered for the 23-24 season. Please check back soon!

If you are not participating with any specific club this year, use the links in the bottom table under "Unaffiliated Membership Links". This will allow you to purchase a membership but not be associated with a particular club.

During the purchase process, you will sign a waiver and submit payment.

Wrestlers will become eligible upon submitting payment. Coaches will need to complete a background screen, APS Training, and Concussion Training. Once all requirements are complete, you will become eligible. Pro-Tip: Please use a computer when purchasing your membership and completing trainings. It works better than using a mobile device.

Information For Club Admins

Hey there, club admins! Below are the steps to get your club registered with MEMWAY for the 23-24 season!

You will first need to complete the 23-24 MEMWAY CLUB registration. Click here to get started! (THIS IS NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS, IT IS TO REGISTER A CLUB... Scroll down for individual memberships under your club name).

Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know you have successfully completed the registration and made payment.

One business day later you will receive an email from SportsEngine with the link to your club's SportsEngine HQ. SportsEngine will also post your club's membership link in the table below.

Once your club's membership link is posted in the table below, your wrestlers/coaches can start to purchase their membership. To do so, they will navigate to this MEMWAY home page, select their club below, follow the membership flow to select their correct membership (whether wrestler or coach), and submit payment.

If wrestlers purchase the membership themselves, the wrestler should become eligible immediately, as the waiver will be signed during the process of acquiring the membership. If the admin/staff member purchases the membership on behalf of the wrestler, the wrestler will receive an email at the email address you enter and they will need to sign the 23-24 wrestler waiver before becoming eligible to participate.

If coaches purchase the membership themselves, they will sign the waiver during the process, but will also need to complete a Background Check, APS Training, and Concussion Training. If the admin/staff member purchases the membership on behalf of the coach, the coach will need to complete all the requirements listed above, but will also need to sign the waiver. Once the requirements are complete, the coach will become eligible!

Already Have Your Membership but need to complete requirements?

Click on the link below to sign into your SportsEngine account and complete any outstanding requirements.

Unaffiliated Membership Links

State/Region Membership Link
MYWAY Central Region
MYWAY East Region
MYWAY FarNorth Region
MYWAY Metro Region
MYWAY North Region
MYWAY NorthEast Region
MYWAY Southwest Region
MYWAY West Region